Keith Mann recently brought the entire 54th Street precinct police department lunch. After visiting with his uncle who is a detective on Staten Island, he realized that the morale within the police department was declining because of recent protests against the officers. Mann found this unacceptable because he realizes that citizens rely on the police to enter into situations when others might run away. While many citizens wonder what they can do, Keith Mann figured this simple act of kindness might help raise morale. Keith feels that more citizens should find ways to show the police that they have their support.

Keith Mann is the managing director of Dynamics Executive Search helping alternative investment arena find highly qualified candidates for their businesses. For over 15 years, Dynamics Executive Search has provided qualified candidates to these businesses that are often ignored by other search companies. They now maintain one of the largest databases of qualified individuals in the United States. In the process, Keith Mann has been very generous with his money using it to support many organizations in town.
Keith Mann is also a large supporter of Uncommon Schools. This organization operates charter schools in Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. In New York City, this organization teaches 5,900 students at 21 charter schools. Students at these schools scored 21 percent higher on standardized tests than their counterparts in the public school system in math. One of the ways that Keith Mann helps support these students is giving scholarships to students after they graduate from the Uncommon Charter High School.
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