Everybody in Guárico state knows Jose Gonzalez. He is a man on a pedestal. He is on his way to becoming one of the most successful politicians and businessmen in Guárico. Gonzalez’s brilliance and courage makes him the center of attention for good reasons. According to Jose Manuel Gonzalez, politics is an important aspect of a community and should not be left to politicians only. He acknowledges the importance of politics when it comes to peace and development of the country.

Gonzalez emerged the winner of the National Assembly position of Guárico State after a fierce battle with well-placed individuals who also wanted the best for the state. However, Manuel beat them from many angles as far as leadership is concerned. He has the tenacity, vast knowledge about the state’s affairs and business experience to lead the people. He is easy on the eyes and has the energy that defines a politician.

Besides politics, Jose Gonzalez is a prominent individual in the business circle. He has a good track record and experience spanning 30 years. He has managed to build a business legacy, which will continue to live on in his empire. Gonzalez is a proud owner of large portfolios operating in different industries, especially in agricultural field.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez was at one time the president and CEO of FEDECAMARA, an agricultural outlet that commands a huge portion of the country’s cereals market. The company produces hundreds of thousands of tons of rice and corn. Last year, it produced more than 500,000 tons of rice and about 300,000 tons of corn. After he left FEDECAMARA, Jose went to CITGO where he was appointed the CEO. He has led CITGO into high-profile business partnerships, which have made the company a multi-million venture.

Jose continues to fight for the rights of agriculturists at the National Assembly of Guárico State. He is relentless in his fight for equal rights of agricultural businessmen with an aim of minimizing economic disparity in the state. During campaigns, Jose received massive support of over 20 parties, making him the first candidate to get the highest number of affiliated political parties behind his back.