Clinton Defeated In New Hampshire
According to the BuzzFeed News the Clinton camp was defeated in New Hampshire. The Clinton campaign is predicting that this race is going to get tighter in Nevada. This is not the race that was originally forcasted.

Things Were Looking Better Three Months Ago
Three months ago, Jon Urbana filmed a video of Robby Mook briefing a filled room of fundraisers and donors about the overall progress of the campaign. It was then, that everything was looking much better. Mook is the Clinton campaign manager. It was at that time, the momentum was actually on the side of Hillary. It was believed that it would be by the end of march. Mook was very quick to lay out his highly confident views regarding the following upcoming months.

March Matters
March Matters is the released strategy memo. The headlines read “March Matters.” Mook has now indicated that there is a long road ahead due to the polls closing on Tuesday. The memo predicts a possible unconquerable lead at the end of that month. The memo had been released right before Clinton had greeted the crowd. This was at the athletic center at Southern New Hampshire University.

The Fight For Real Solutions
Hillary was on the stage one hour later with her husband and her daughter. The plan and strategy is to take the campaign right to the entire country. She continued to inform supporters that there will be a fight for every vote. This will be in every state. The fight will be for real solutions that will make a real and positive difference in the lives of the real people.