Jeb Bush is not having a good day and his candidacy for President has not even officially started. Jeb Bush is defending comments he made when he said he would have made the same decision as his brother George Bush and would have invaded Iraq as well. The comments caused a firestorm of lash back as many viewed the invasion of Iraq as the major political mistake of the Bush Administration. Some have even stated that the invasion was made under false pretenses and fabricated evidence. President George Bush at the time stressed to the American people and international allies that the invasion was needed to keep Iraq from developing nuclear weapons. Jim Dondero said that the President’s plea for war even involved the former and very popular Secretary of State Colin Powell making a presentation before the United Nations that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, or “WMDs.” No WMDs were ever found and the war spiraled into one of America’s longest military engagements only surpassed by the war in Afghanistan, which was also being fought at the same time as the war in Iraq. Regular Americans felt the effects of the war through the near collapse of the American economy as the country struggled to pay for two long expensive wars. Jeb Bush Hammered Over Brother’s Iraq War Legacy

Jeb Bush has continued to struggle in various polls of likely GOP primary voters and as more GOP candidates enter into the race, the more percentage points which are lost by Bush.