You may know Jason Hope as one of the nation’s leading internet entrepreneurs. Or perhaps you know him as one of Arizona’s most prolific philanthropists or even as one of the internet’s most prophetic futurists. But one thing that Hope has not been widely known for are his magnanimous contributions to the world of medical research.Recently, Hope revealed that he had made a half a million-dollar donation to the SENS Foundation, a research foundation specializing in the treatment of diseases associated with the aging process. This large donation will go to atherosclerosis research, one of the most exciting and promising areas in medical research today. Atherosclerosis is the underlying cause of many of the nation’s top killers. These include heart attack, stroke and peripheral artery disease. But it is also hypothesized that understanding the underlying causes, at the molecular level, of atherosclerosis will lead to a greater understanding of all age-related illnesses, including the primary effects of aging itself.

It has been increasingly recognized by the medical establishment that the same molecular processes that underlie atherosclerosis, such as initial insult to the arterial lumen and the subsequent inflammatory reaction by the body, are precisely the same mechanisms that underlie so many other degenerative diseases. These diseases with related etiologies include arthritis, skin aging, glaucoma and even the neurodegenerative outcomes of aging, which themselves lead to dementia and even it’s more severe form, Alzheimer’s.

It is believed that by gaining a broader understanding of these processes at the most basic levels, new treatments will be able to be formulated, enabling a potential explosion in average life expectancies and increasing dramatically the quality of life for future geriatric cohorts.For his part, Hope had directed the money being donated to be used specifically for the cause of atherosclerosis research at the molecular level. Hope has long been an avid reader of the medical journals, staying abreast of all the latest trends and having a deep understanding of the ways in which medical research can profoundly affect the shape that the state-of-the-art will take in the future. Visit his Facebook profile :