Highland Capital Management is an investment adviser firm based in Dallas, Texas. It offers alternative investment management services through distressed investment funds, structured investment and hedge funds. The firm has several affiliates spread across the United States. Together with its affiliates, the firm manages over $21 billion in assets. Highland Capital Management invests in fixed income, public equity and hedging markets. High yield bonds, structured products and leveraged loans are its main areas of focus.
The firm was founded in 1993 by a number of investors. One of these investors is Jim Dondero. Mr Dondero has been working for the firm since its inception. Currently, he is the firm’s President. He has used his 30 years of experience in equity and credit markets to help the firm develop successful Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market and other credit solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of both retail and corporate clients from around the world.
Mr Dondero has helped the firm to come up with several award winning products like hedge funds, CLOs, institutional separate accounts, mutual funds and private equity funds. Apart from being the President of Highland Capital Management, he also serves in boards of a number of corporations. He is the Chairman of Board at CCS Medical, NexBank and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is both a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Management Accountant.
To establish itself as a leading investment adviser, the firm has continued to recruit and retain highly experienced global alternative credit managers from around the world. It currently has hundreds of credit managers spread across all its offices. These credit managers help investors to come up with sound investment decisions. Apart from the basic areas of operation of the firms, these professionals will also help both retail and corporate investors with investment decisions in natural resources, long/short term equities and emerging markets.
Highland Capital Management is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It operates from other four cities. These cities are Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and New York. From these locations, it serves a wide range of clients made of mainly financial institutions, corporations, foundations, endowments, public pension plans, high net-worth individuals, and governments.
Highland Capital Management’s clients enjoy high quality investment solutions. The firm depends only on time-tested investment principles to ensure its clients’ exposure to market risk is minimized. The leadership of James Dondero has helped the firm to expand from a small firm into a global entity having operations in a number of cities. Highland Capital’s success can also be attributed to its highly experienced credit managers.