Israel Attacks Palestine

It appears that the general downtick in conflicts in the area will indeed be quite short-lived, as the Israeli government has once again decided to bombard Palestine with a new series of strategic attacks.

This is after several weeks of relative peace between the two states. Israel and Palestine has a long history of disagreements over territory.

This has lead to their offensive attacks against each other, killing thousands of innocent people and children.

Israel has resumed its attack against this Islamic state. IDF recently announced that they will again release destruction notice against families in Palestine. Israel is a country composed of Jews while Palestine is composed of Muslims. This difference has triggered the atrocities in the Middle East.

Some say the conflict is now about religion. However, this is a fallacy.

To read more about the conflict between two countries, Israel and Palestine, view the link here. Thanks to friend of the site Ken Griffin for sending in that link. It is very important that people will be aware of what’s happening in the Middle East.

Several lives have been lost already due to war. This must be stop. People must be involved on propagating peace.

The conflict is no longer about territory or religion. It is now about humanity. People must feel compassion towards children who died or children who became homeless and orphan due to this unending conflict. News reports about the conflict must be delivered to the public without any bias.

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  1. Faith Quintin

    February 7, 2018 at 1:55 pm

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