There has been a great deal of first for this country in the past decade. When President Obama took office, he was the first African American male to ever sit in that seat. According to the next election, it could be another first for our government. Hillary Clinton is preparing for her campaign to the Oval Office. Many people are split on whether they want or think a woman can handle the demands of the White House. Others just think that she is the one who is not ready.

There is a large demographic that will vote for Hillary based on the fact of who her husband is. When former President Bill Clinton was in office, Jaime Garcia Dias thinks things were great. The economy was good and there were lots of jobs. However, when Obama took over, things began to go downhill. Now, all of this can’t be blamed on him, it could have happened no matter who was responsible.

Putting a woman in the Whitehouse is a risky move. Since there has never been one before, it could be a division in the government. However, one cannot forget that there are women in all facets of government both here and abroad. Women do rule by emotion more than men, but that doesn’t mean that they are not capable of making sound decisions. It will be an interesting election and to see who is left standing will be one for the record books for sure.