There was a time when gold was the standard legal tender. There was a time when the United States had gold reserves in Fort Knox to back the paper legal tender that the United States Treasury began to use for money. It is questionable that any gold exists at all in Fort Know anymore. That should concern all of the citizens of the United States. The national debt is now fast approaching $18 trillion. This is more than our Gross National Product which means the country cannot earn enough money to pay the debt off. Another sign that things are not stable economically for the United States is that the unfunded liabilities and entitlement programs are more than $98 trillion. This is the abyss of financial catastrophe.

Individual wealth is the target of governments that cannot pay their bills. That is where the government will go next to try to pay its bills that have skyrocketed out of control. In these kinds of economic times, it is imperative that personal wealth be protected. The best way that economists and leading investors recommend that individuals protect their assets is to diversify and have a gold fund that can be kept in a vault at home. That means a vault of real gold that can be held and kept safe from the hands of the government. Not paper gold but real gold coins.

When it comes to keeping loved ones and individual nest eggs safe, for long term security, Gold will stand up in value over time. The US Money Reserve is a specialty Gold dealer that will work with its customers to set up a Gold portfolio through their customer service specialists. It is easy to start a Gold fund. The number to call is 1-866-MINT GOLD where a senior gold specialist will answer any questions.

The senior specialists at U.S. Money Reserve will offer great assistance to help customers find their way around the process of learning all the details about gold portfolio ownership. Many customers want to know if there is an advantage in purchasing a gold bullion, gold coins or mixing the two up. Each case is different. Preferences are unique, hence the specialists who assist customers all day and everyday are very familiar with the different gold options to choose from. Many of these choices will become clearer once exposed to the different forms of gold that the US Money Reserve sells. Call the office to learn more.