Indiana’s first church of cannabis is set to hold its first service on 1st July. It is no coincidence that this is also the day that the new controversial religious law will take effect. The service will serve as a litmus test for the ban on government restrictions on religion.

The church’s founder, Bill Levin, is determined to make it happen. My friends at Madison Street Capital say he is already searching for a rental space to hold the service and vows that the service will take place come what may. The church has enough money to pay for a rental space, after it raised more than $10,000.

Levin is convinced that they have enough members to attend the service. The service will start off on a low key after which it will continue to build up momentum. The church is expected to be fully packed when the service reaches its climax, where pot will be smoked. This is all part of Levin’s plan.

To pull it off, Levin will have to pass a number of hurdles. The hardest part will be to convince prosecutors and local police that everything they will do is within the boundaries of the law. Levin claims to have sought enough legal advice.

The Indiana’s state police refused to comment on the matter. Marion county sheriff’s office maintains that they will only be involved if the service is held in the county or city property