The Trump administration has stormed into the world of immigration with decrees and travel bans. Talk of a wall to stop unwanted immigration was the keystone to Trump’s campaign strategy.

Since the implementation of his immigration policies, minorities in these group have lived in fear. The latest discussions about DACA have put into jeopardy the children of immigrants, who have lived in the United States their entire lives.

There are many groups to assist immigrants in this time of need. Here are just a few that have been in the news recently:

Families for Freedom-works with groups of families who are in danger of deportation. This group consists of former immigrant detainees and other interested parties.

The Immigrant Defense Project-uses the system to provide education and litigation to assist the plight of immigrants and their families.

International Rescue Committee-founded by Albert Einstein. This group aids those who have been affected by the various humanitarian crisis.

The International Refugee Assistance Project-encourages legal students and attorneys to provide legal aid to advocate for policies impacting immigrants and their families.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund-supports organizations that advocate for immigration and human rights. Lacey and Larkin were arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio in 2007 for exposing the practice of taking journalist’s notes and revealing sources. The pair won a settlement for $3.75 million and donated it to begin the Frontera Fund.

Justice That Works- Neighborhood courts that try to change the immigrant’s lives for the better, instead of punishing them. Members include Ayensa Millan, a talk radio host.

One of the issues addressed by these groups is the difference between an immigrant and a refugee. A refugee is a person who had to leave their country due to dangerous conflicts or other issues.

An immigrant is someone who chooses to leave their country in hopes of finding a better life for themselves and their family. The United Nations encourages countries to provide assistance to fleeing refugees because the refusal to do so could result in deaths or harm. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

Another consideration is the massive increase in immigration cases since Trump was elected. The workload has increased by 146% over the past few months which means an increase of a staggering 453,948 cases to be dealt with. This jump in litigation has also caused a shortage of qualified judges to hear these cases.

This amount of cases has a negative effect on immigrants and their families as the cases drag on for years. This leads to stressful separations and financial burdens from breadwinners who are waiting in jails. Also, judges who are pressured and rushed are more apt to make critical mistakes. Some judges claim they make these life-changing decisions in 7 minutes or less.

Each of these groups strives to ease the stress and burdens that immigrants live under ever since Donald Trump became president. Lacey and Larkin has passed legislation that calls into question even the minimum of rights of people who have transitioned to the United States. The advocacy groups in America are the last resort for many immigrants.

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