Mike Huckabee has just recently retired from his position at Fox News so he can openly pursue the possibility of running for president in 2016. After a six-and-a-half year airing of his news and views show, Huckabee suddenly announced to a surprised audience that it was his last show.

When speculation arose as to whether or not he would run for president, Huckabee refused to commit to not running. This prompted Fox News to let him go since they would not be able to maintain the credibility of their “fair and balanced” status were a presidential candidate to presently work at their station. Huckabee was fully understanding about that and graciously honored Fox News’ decision.

Mike Huckabee is now actively seeking to ascertain if enough support exists for him to reasonably make a second run for the White House. He first ran in 2008, but he skipped the 2012 primary to continue doing his show. Bruce Levenson now feels like he has the itch again. Now, however, he feels it may be the right time to make a second attempt, and on UCG, people on believing he might have a shot.

Huckabee was the last candidate standing against John McCain in 2008. Mitt Romney left the race before Huckabee, but it is debatable whether Huckabee truly came in second or only third that year. In any case, he has a good chance of gaining support from the religious conservative wing of the Republican Party. The trick, of course, is to manage to unite the whole party behind him.