Rodrigo Terpins is a renowned Brazilian rally driver, who has numerous championships under his belt. Coming from a family of sporting fanatics, it wasn’t a surprise when Rodrigo decided to be a professional rally driver. His dad Jack was an accomplished basketball player who encouraged his son to pursue his rally career. Rodrigo’s younger brother Michel is also an equally gifted rally driver with whom they run the Bull Sertoes Rally Team.

Since turning pro, Rodrigo Terpins has participated in numerous championships throughout South America. The most notable of these is the Brazilian Cross Country Rally and the Sertoes Rally. He has been consistently finishing in podium places, something that has enabled him to be recognized as one of the leading lights in the Brazilian motorsports fraternity. The 44-year old mainly races in the T1 category.

Career Beginnings

Despite being a rally fanatic since his childhood, Rodrigo made a relatively late entrance into competitive racing. His debut was during the 2002 edition of the Sertoes Rally. During this event, he raced on a motorbike before switching over to cars thereafter. He sees his late entrance into racing as a challenge, which he strives to attain. According to, this explains why he has been able to compete admirably with more accomplished and experienced rally drivers.

Rodrigo asserts that the highlight of his career was winning the Brazilian Cross Country Rally. Since starting out, he has garnered thousands of adoring fans who love his tenacity on the racing track. His desire to win is often manifested by his remarkable performance during races, and this is what has enabled him to post exemplary results.

Source of Inspiration

Rodrigo draws inspiration from his family members who have stood by him since he started racing professionally. His father in particular, has always motivated him to work harder. He also counts his brother Michel as a pillar of strength because they often challenge each other to set higher goals before each race.

Despite his advancing years, Rodrigo still gives younger rally drivers a run for their money. This attests to his longevity and endurance. With more competitions in the pipeline, it is expected that he will establish himself as Brazil’s greatest rally driver.