Bruce Levenson is a powerful, behind the scenes to figure in the world of news and entertainment data and statistics as well as the owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. All of the facts and figures that his company has gathered have been seen in billions of newspapers and magazines all over the world. Bruce Levenson’s business is the equivalent of the Kelly Blue Book for people who are looking for data and statistics about any specific vertical that could be reported in news.

His newsletters are a series of the latest facts and figures in verticals that are not easily accessible. Sure, the web is a great place to gather information, yet, all of the sites, like CNN and Fox commonly turn to United Communications Group for data and information, so if it weren’t for them, the source where everyone gets their information from wouldn’t even have access to the information themselves. Four example, you want to know how much money Ford Motors made in the fall season of 1983. The likelihood that you are going to run across that information from a credible source that didn’t get that information directly from the pages of a United Communications Group newsletter is preposterous. What’s even worse, if the web wasn’t invented, it’d be almost impossible for anyone to find that data. The United Communications Groups newsletters is like a 100% accurate version of Wikipedia for journalists and broadcasters.

Bruce Levinson was able to organize the information of the world in a very easy to use, cohesive and personable way that led virtually every news organization in the country to utilize his data. Similar to Coca-Cola or Pepsi, you will find one of their machines in 99% of all restaurants that you visit. In fact, you are more likely to find a restaurant that does not have a soda machine at all then you are to find a restaurant that doesn’t have either a Coke machine or Pepsi machine. That’s really all there is on the market. That is all that exists. There is no other company that is providing what Coke and Pepsi provide. And the same can be said for the United Communications Group.

Levenson dedicated his entire life to building the United Communications Group. From the basement of his father’s humble home, to the humble office building he rents, he has goals for his company that he continues to stick with, even today. His has always kept the intention of doing business as lean as possible. So, with what I mean by lean? When I say lean, I mean that he attempted to spend as little money as possible on frivolous things, so that he could reinvest that money into doing things that further perpetuate the growth of his business and/or keep the prices of his products reasonable enough for any news organization to afford them in droves

In addition to his groundbreaking work with United Communications Group, he is the proud owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.