MB2 Dental is a company that was established by Dr. Chris Villanueva in the state of Texas. He holds a dental license and offers other dentists a way to focus on their patients by handling many of the other things that needed to be handled in a dental practice. This includes things like human resources, accounting, training, and many other services. Dr. Villanueva’s goal is to marry the best parts of running a sole practice and the best parts of working in a corporate dentistry.
Under Dr. Chris Villanueva’s leadership, his dental services company now has contracts with more than 70 locations. He employs over 500 people who are located in six states. While there are other dental management companies he wanted to bring something different to the field. He says that his experience shows that most of them are drab and not very inspiring. He maintains more of a youth culture at his company that is innovative and willing to try new ways of doing business.
Dr. Chris Villanueva says that there are really just two options when you graduate with a dental degree, which are to either start your own practice or join a corporate dentistry. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of a sole practice are that you have autonomy, far less bureaucracy, and you own the company. The advantages of joining a corporate practice are that you have a much better support network, the ability to share best practices with your fellow dentists, and better access to new technology. MB2 Dental offers those with sole practices the benefits of working in a corporate dentistry.
According to Dr. Villanueva, dentists are increasingly turning to dental management firms like his. Managing all of the different factors in a sole practice can be overwhelming and time-consuming. They would rather spend this time working on patients than handling things like accounting and payroll, for example. He fosters a collaborative relationship with the dentists. At MB2 Dental they also keep on top of the latest technology to help their customers.
One of the benefits of joining MB2 Dental is that they hold an Owner’s Retreat twice a year. This allows all the dentists that use the company a chance to meet each other and exchange information. During these retreats they also engage in fun activities like a white-water rafting trip. They have also held one of the retreats in Cabo San Lucas.