Hillary is covering all of the bases. She is about to announce a panacea to youth unemployment issues. The group is defined as ages 18 to 34. This group is underemployed because of a lack of opportunities for those that are not able to receive college degrees or that participate in self- employment, contract-type positions such as trade jobs. Some of these jobs require training and in some cases certificates from accredited institutions, but Clinton is proposing to offer this disenfranchised group apprenticeships and mentoring programs. This will be incentivized to companies by offering $1500 tax credit to all participating companies with the requisite oversight.

It has been proven by pilot programs to be a significant means by which people can improve their life time earning potential stated Kevin Seawright. We often juxtapose our education system to Asian systems that seemingly produce better graduation rates and better students, but these systems require that only people that are capable of entering their higher education systems go on to be educated at a higher academic level. The people that do not qualify are routed to jobs that require obtaining a trade and other occupational opportunities. This has the effect of producing a higher level of student, but by exclusion rather than the performance of all students. The apprenticeship model is based on those same lines. Not everyone wants to go to a college not because they are not intelligent, but because their interests lie in other areas.