Jim Dondero is an investment and a capital management expert with a long history in the industry. His 30 years of experience has made him one of the greatest investors and capital management expert of our times. He also doubles up as a member of the company’s board of directors. James is also a widely sought after investment advisor for both individuals and organizations. His popularity has also earned him a name with the government agencies who seek his advice and expertise in capital management. James is a proud investor with numerous business start-ups under his belt. Other than his own investments and business engagements, he has been consulting and helping other organization with their capital and financial issues.

The current growth in the business world that has expanded its boundaries to encompass the global village has improved and made business more competitive. Globalization has increased the level of financial engagements hence expanding the available options of investment. As such, there has been a growing need for prudence in the industry. Highland Capital Management has been very forthcoming in helping investors in managing Hedge Funds and advising on Structured Investments as well as distressed investment funds. The company engages in international trade dealing with international public equities as well as fixed incomes. Highland Capital Management is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 1993 and it runs its major offices in New York, London and Singapore.

The company has been offering financial and capital management services to its clients all over the world. In the current business setting, investors are putting in lots of resources in the promising economy. However, there are several unforeseeable threats that are imminent and without proper interrogation of the current trends investors can be in trouble in the future. In addition, the growth and the shift of the global financial markets to assume a globalized system has created new forms of investment and it has also expanded the financial markets. As such, capital management services’ demand has increased.

This is where the Highland Capital Management comes in. In the financial markets, the products on sale are in terms of securities which includes shares, equities and bonds. This kind of trade requires a very careful approach since it is a chance-based business. Having been in the business for years now, Highland Capital Management understands the trends in financial markets. Therefore, they offer advisory services to investors be it governments, individuals, or organizations on the best way to go in the market based on research and careful surveillance of the market’s unfolding. The company has been very instrumental in shaping and managing billions of dollars’ worth of securities for different firms, individuals and the government as well.