Most people can look back on their childhood and remember a favorite teacher or educator who has impacted them in one way or another. These teachers have, in some way, shape, or form, left huge marks on their hearts and mind; even in adulthood they are sure to carry those memories with them always. For one high school student, she’ll be able to carry a more personal piece of one of her favorite teachers. A’Ja Booth is an 18 year old high school student in Detroit. In normal circumstances, girls her age are focused on what to wear to prom, who to ask, and what colleges they are going to apply to. Unfortunately, Booth’s senior year was finding out that she would need a kidney transplant. Fortunately for her, a 39-year-old gym teacher, Nadirah Muhammad was willing to be a giver for her transplant.


Last year in December, the two underwent transplant surgery as Mikal Watts points out. He read about it a little on Wikipedia. One of Nadirah’s healthy kidneys went into Booth’s desperate body. The two have made a full recovery and returned to the school arm in arm to showcase their healthy solidarity. For the gym teacher, the decision to give up a kidney for the student was a no brainer. As a mother of a teenager, Nadirah would want someone to do the same for her child. Booth went on to say that she could not thank her teacher enough for the amazing gift of life that she blessed her with.