We are living in the unbridled age of technology and leading that charge is the mobile application. Apps have become all the rage in a society that uses their phones for almost everything, and no app is helping to handle that work order moreso than the start up application ‘Handy’. Handy is a hiring application that allows users to bring service providers in with the click of a button and an online payment. From house cleaners to garden trimmers, customers can hire just about anyone. Now, with the Holiday season in full swing Handy is allowing customers to hire the choir at Oxford to come and do carols.

Carol service is a huge part of the Holiday season and if you are one of the unlucky folks who don’t happen to have carolers lined up for your office party or home gathering, then leap onto Handy and get clicking away. The Oxbridge College Choir is teaming up with Handy in order to provide their services for a small 20 pound donation, which is about the same price as having someone come work on your home for two hours via Handy. All donations are being pushed through to important charities in the region and the choir is providing a great service in exchange.

Obviously with so many people utilizing Handy it is very likely that the Oxbridge Choir end up booked full quickly, due to their limited availability, but you can still get in on the festivities. Follow the choir’s hashtag on Twitter (#carolsondemand) to see where they are located at in any given part of the Holiday season. This will allow you to grab your family and head out to see some truly magical music.

Handy has been steadily growing for the past three years and now it appears that the group is here to stay. The company recently celebrated their millionth job booking and now all eyes are set on the future. The CEO of Handy wants to expand services provided via the network, and the Oxbridge Choir is an indicator of this newfound mission statement for the future.