Despite troubles similar start-up companies have experienced, Handy, a home cleaning services business, seems to be doing well. Handy was started in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua in 2012 under the name Handybook. The company was created out of the need for reliable professionals for jobs such as cleaning and handyman repairs. Hanrahan realized how hard it was to know who was reliable for a job when renovating apartments in Budapest, Hungry. How do customers know who is right for a job? That’s where Handy comes in. It is an app that connects customers with reliable, pre-screened professionals. Customers can book appointments, pay and leave tips all through the easy app interface.

Handy started out by raising money through venture capitalists such as Highland Capital, General Catalyst and Fidelity. They raised $50 million more in just November 2015. Handy currently services 35 cities including major cities in the United States as well as Vancouver and Toronto in Canada and London, England. The goal is to use the new funding to expand to twice the number of cities in the United States in the next year.

Professionals in the Handy network generally earn $15 an hour or more. Although the company has experienced some labor lawsuits similar to those Homejoy had experienced, Handy doesn’t seem to be hurting. It’s customer base continually grows, and the owners speculate that 80 percent of bookings are from repeat customers and many also come from referrals. In 2014 the company hit a milestone of $1 million in bookings a day. The company offers a money back guarantee and will have a different professional come out if a customer is not satisfied with the first one.
Most of Handy’s revenue comes from house cleaning, but other services include furniture assembly, plumbing, painting, electrical and help with moving. Becoming a professional is as easy as signing up and, of course, being reliable. All professionals must have paid experience in the service they are providing, and be able to legally work in their country of choice.