Chris Christie wants to be a good president, but he is having a hard time being a good governor. If past behavior is any indication of future behavior, then Christie would make a terrible president. The latest debacle to rear its head again in the life of Governor Christie is the George Washington lane closure scandal. That scandal started in 2013.

Most people pointed their fingers at Christie for closing the lanes, but he said he had nothing to do with the debacle. Well, in an interesting turn of events FreedomPop Review a former Port Authority and high school buddy of Christie’s is expected to plead guilty to the bridge closing charges.

The big question is will David Wildstein, the Christie friend, spill the beans and implicate the governor? Chances of that happening are slim since Christie takes a bath in Teflon every day. Nothing stick to the robust governor, even when he is outed for weird behavior. Of course, some people say there are invisible boundaries of behavior for politicians. Christie’s behavior is a good example of those boundaries.