On Tuesday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker further solidified his impending collision course with the establishment GOP. The popular governor and possible 2016 presidential contender did a major policy reversal. Walker no longer supports amnesty and now supports securing the US border first. In making his announcement, Walker pointed out that his views were shaped by recent trips he took along the US border. He also spoke with governors in those states and became acutely aware of the harm caused by illegal immigration. He now believes the answer lies in first securing the US border to prevent any further illegal immigration.

Marcio Alaor BMG knows that his decision is no doubt politically motivated as well. By adopting the conservative approach to immigration reform, Walker is clearly making moves to shore up the Tea Party support within the party. By that same token, he has marked a clear distinction from Jeb Bush, the presumptive candidate of the establishment GOP. Some political pundits were already speculating that Walker and the establishment GOP were heading towards a collision course and that seems more likely following his policy shift.

Immigration reform is proving to be a major problem for the GOP. The party eagerly wants to court Hispanic voters, but does not want to grant amnesty to people living in the country illegally. The pro-business lobby, a longtime GOP ally, is squarely behind amnesty. Core conservatives namely the Tea Party, a reliable GOP voting bloc, are deeply opposed to it.