The nomination of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General to replace Eric Holder hit another dump on Thursday. While her nomination is expected to win confirmation, GOP Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa announced that the senate confirmation vote will be delayed until after the President’s Day week concludes. The powerful senator and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee will request that Mrs. Lynch return to the Senate to face additional questions. Sen. Grassley did not specify which topics the questions would cover. However, recent comments by Sen. John McCain over his disapproval of her widespread use of civil asset seizures may indicate what the party will be looking at. In addition, Lynch drew disapproval from the GOP over her vocal support for President Obama’s amnesty program despite there being no act of congress authorizing the plan.

The GOP has already been at odds with the Justice Department under the leadership of Eric Holder. As Lee Slaughter knows, Holder has been fighting off House inquiries into the government’s botched arms running program dubbed “Fast & the Furious” for the nature in which the guns fell into the hands of drug cartels. Should Lynch get confirmed, she would become the first Black woman to occupy the post of Attorney General. Democrats criticized the GOP for calling Lynch back. They claim it is a double standard. Instead, they demand her nomination proceed to the Senate floor for a full vote. Thus far, no date has been set for her confirmation vote.