Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has moved up the party’s convention date to July 18, 2016. In the past, the party has held the convention in August. So why the change in date? Chairman Priebus believes the extra month will allow the party to unify behind the nominee. The extra time may prove invaluable against the Hillary Clinton juggernaut that is not expected to face any significant primary challenge.

Myself and friend Jared Haftel were talking about how Priebus has reduced the number of primary debates the party will hold. Additionally, they will compact the dates for primaries in a bid to avoid a protracted primary battle. It is highly probable that the party is looking to repeat their midterm strategy. In 2014, the party pushed for establishment candidates who were vetted and trained in presenting a unified message. In short, the party will be looking to have the establishment candidate wrap up the nomination as soon as possible to begin campaigning against Hillary Clinton.

Prior to making the announcement, the GOP was considering moving the convention all the way up to June. In the past, the final primary voting dates concluded in June. Priebus has not been formally elected to an unprecedented third term. Normally, RNC chairman serve two terms at most. However, he has expressed a willingness to steer the party through the presidential election. Given the huge success the party enjoyed in the midterms, it is likely he will be awarded a third term. The RNC will hold the vote later this week.