George Soros, one of the most successful hedge fund managers and billionaire businessmen from the USA has raised a few eyebrows with his two recent articles published in Business Insider. In his first article titled, “Trump is a con man, and he will fail,” he described how things would change under the new regime affecting international trade and relations. On the other article titled, “These times are not business as usual. Wishing you the best in a troubled world” he again pointed out how Trump administration along with international trends might jeopardize the European Union.

Soros was always in doubt with Trump and quite doubtful about his new administration and cabinet. In one of his articles on Forbes, he mentioned that Trump is leading an assembly that is comprised of retired generals and extremists who will radically change the way the USA has been working. The nation has been playing a firm role in promoting and sustaining democracy throughout the world and maintaining a balance in international relations and trades. However, Soros predicts that Trump will eventually extend unprecedented support to China and destroy the trade balance on On top of that, his political ideology and approach, almost identical to dictatorship, will certainly create turmoil in US politics. In overall, Soros predicts that the situation won’t be a good one under Trump administration. But George Soros is still hopeful that Trump will fail against the resilient US constitution and institutions. He also added that Trump is an imposter and a con man with no idea on what do with such authority and power in his hand.

Soros also predicts that there will be a huge challenge against the European Union shortly. USA had a significant role in supporting EU in the past. But now that it will fall under internal chaos, EU will be exposed to some threats such as BREXIT, declining economy, and rising refugee crisis on Most of the European Nations are already in a dysfunctional state, and unless they are provided with strong and prompt support, they won’t be able to protect EU from a breakdown.

Being an active political activist and philanthropist, Soros has been rigorously working with the policy makers to promote and sustain democracy in USA and European countries. In 1979, George Soros founded Open Society Foundations that has been helping non-violent reforms and democratization in Eastern and Central Europe. George Soros is also a keen supporter of the American Liberal movements. While he is actively supporting democracy on a policy level, he continues to help humanity through his philanthropic initiatives. Soros is one of the leading donors from USA and he has already donated around $12 billion for a number of humanitarian and political causes. He has also helped numerous under-privileged communities through medical, educational, and agricultural aid.