According to George Soros, Angela Merkel is the key to solving a major problem that has the potential to put the EU to an end. One thing that George Soros has shown was that he is very insightful on issues that the politicians are worried about as well as the policymakers over financial matters. He has held one interview where he has expressed how he truly felt about Angela Merkel’s decision when it came to the refugees. Another thing he talked about was the crisis in Greece which resulted in investors losing interest in the country. The migrant crisis was also a hot topic of his.

For one thing, the migrant crisis has been turned into a full blown crisis due to the lack of a proper policy. Another issue that is addressed in the interview is what is known as the Brexit. If Britain has decided to leave the EU, then it will weaken the EU. There is one thing that is also a concern is the possibility of the EU making the same mistake with the Ukraine that was made with Greece. As one would see, there is a huge problem that is taking on the EU. Therefore a solution is needed to one of the problems in order to get the rest to fall into place.

George Soros points out that the crisis in Greece was mishandled. This mishandling has caused the crisis in Greece to become even deeper. The national debt of Greece has grown to the point that it has become unsustainable. Contributing to the cause was the interest rates that have been charged by Germany at the first appearance of the crisis sometime in 2009. Also, EU has caused the depression of Greece to fall even deeper with certain conditions that have been put in place.

The migrant problem definitely has the potential to bring destruction to the European Union according to a prediction made by Angela Serkel. This is a prediction that is actually scary to Soros because it looks like it may occur. Soros believes that the Germans under Merkel’s rule is the key to the issue. However, Merkel is facing a lot of opposition from others. Even her own people are turning against her. One thing George Soros advocates is some kind of asylum policy in order to prevent the migrant issue to further aggravate the problems in the EU.

One great suggestion that George Soros has made was to develop a comprehensive plan in order to bring forth s good response to the problem in migration. Over the last few months, the migrant problem has become a huge problem in the political realm. The only thing that is needed in the case of the migrant issue is for it to take place in a manner that is orderly so that the EU could handle the entrance of migrants from other countries. Unfortunately, in the absence of the Asylum policy, the migrant issue has become aggravated to the point that it compounded with all of the other issues dealing with the EU.