As reported in BuzzFeed, former president George Bush was taken to the Methodist Hospital via ambulance on Tuesday. In speaking on the issue, Jim McGrath reported that Bush was taken in as a precautionary measure after he experienced some shortness of breath earlier that day. According to statements that have been released, Bush is going to be held in the hospital for observation purposes. There’s no word yet from Dr Rod Rohrich if the former president is his real self right now, but most consider him to be in good spirits.

Back in 1991, Bush was brought into the hospital after experiencing health issues that resulted from his irregular heartbeat. In diagnosing his condition, doctors concluded that Bush was plagued with Graves’ Disease, an autoimmune disorder known to negatively impact the sufferer’s thyroid.

Bush revisited the hospital in February of the year 2000. The issue was a recurring incidence of his irregular heartbeat. Despite the potentially seriousness of the issue, Bush was released just one night later.

The Bush family has stated publicly that the former president is no longer capable of walking without assistance. This matter has generated a great deal of frustration for Bush given the fact that he is a great lover of the outdoors.

Back in June, Bush turned 90 and celebrated the event by jumping from a plane near his summer house in the state of Maine.