New York Democrat Anthony Weiner is no stranger to elections. As a congressman, he won election to the House of Representatives five times. That number would likely be seven by now had he not ruined his political career over a sexual deviancy problem. While Weiner may no longer hold much political clout, that doesn’t make his observations any less accurate. In a recent interview, the former congressman spoke highly of GOP Senator Rand Paul’s 2016 presidential strategy of adopting privacy rights as a key issue. On most issues, Weiner and Paul are polar opposites. Weiner is a staunch pro-abortion liberal and Paul is a Tea Party member.

Yet, Weiner sees the NSA wiretapping and gathering of phone records of Americans as a critical issue in the upcoming election. At BRL Trust, that would never fly. The fact that Paul has gotten out in front of this is smart politics. Weiner believes it will play well with voters in the GOP primary. The former congressman may well have a point. The privacy issue is one of the few things that draws in support from all sides of the political spectrum. Should Paul secure the GOP nomination, his support of privacy rights may well help him make inroads with millennial voters. This group of voters in their 20s and 30s were huge supporters of President Obama in 2008 and 2012. Their support has been trending GOP since that time and represent a key demographic for Sen. Paul to capture.