US District Judge Robert Hinkel is expected to hand down his ruling on same sex marriage in Florida any day, which has left Igor Cornelsen and many counties within the Sunshine State with difficult choices to make, First Coast News reports. Some counties are expecting the ruling to follow those handed out to South Carolina and other states making a ban on same sex marriage illegal. Three counties in Florida have already acted in a bid to reduce the impact of same sex marriages by halting all courthouse marriages in Duval, Clay and Baker counties.The ban on courthouse weddings has been enforced in a bid to reduce the impact same sex marriages would have on state officials in the Christian and conservative state. Officials making statements for those counties where courthouse weddings have been banned claimed same sex marriage was only one issue in a wider range of problems that had combined to see the wedding ban enforced. Officials in all three counties within Florida also stated the courthouse wedding ban would remain in place whether the same sex marriage ruling went for or against.