Based on the results of the evaluation of the inflation rates, The CEO of the Eucatex Group Flavio Maluf prospects that the month of May might mark the onset of inflammation in the Brazilian economy. The situation which Flavio Maluf considers worrying is attributed to the political situation in the country and lack of an active government involvement in mitigating effective economic policies to recover the Brazil economic indices. He reported that something had to be done to boost Brazil purchasing power to avert this economic bottleneck. The lack of credibility by the lawmakers was also pointed out as a puppeteer of the inflammation threat.


Flavio Maluf believes that opening up the market for new investments will go a long way in strengthening the country’s economy. Among his thoughts on the appropriate measures to take in correcting the situation is to ensure consistency within the legislative powers of the government in the market. The inflation is likely to affect even the large companies controlling the market such as Eucatex. Eucatex pioneers in the production of furniture and wood related products such as ceiling boards, insulation and liners from the Eucalyptus wood as raw material. Mr. Maluf as the manager of the company has spearheaded the company into venturing into paint production for the construction industry.


Inflation is a major threat that will see to the increment of the production cost for manufacturers like Eucatex especially at a time when the construction business in on the rocks for a nearly a decade in the country. Through Flavio Maluf’s expertise, he led the modernization of the company upon entering his office as the CEO and president in 1997. In his achievements, he has witnessed the opening of the Eucatex branches across the region, the latest being in Salto.


The Eucatex products are appreciated worldwide by furniture manufacturers as well as large industrial construction firms due to their reliability and quality. Flavio Maluf has also got the company to meet the environmental friendly goals hence being awarded the FSC Certification and ISO 14001 for its compliance in environmental conservation.  Read more about Flavio on Exame Abril, or follow him personally on Facebook.