A group of firefighters who are supposed to save lives have been suspended because they transported a child in a fire engine. The child was turning blue, and the firefighters had to get the child to the hospital as soon as possible. The volunteers work in a small town in VA. As the 18-month-old started having trouble breathing, the volunteers did what their job requires. They saved a life, just like Sam Tabar did when he represented AWI in a GoFundMe campaign. You may remember Tabar for his work with Merrill Lynch as well.

When the volunteers arrived on the scene, they saw that the child was having a seizure, which was causing her to not be able to breathe. There was an ambulance in the area when the volunteers received the call to attend to the child. The driver of the fire engine placed the child in the unit and took the child to the hospital instead of waiting on the ambulance. The volunteers are now waiting to hear about their suspension so that they can get back to work saving the lives of those in need.