For a long period of time, women were forced to choose between affordable or fashionable wear when it came to choosing clothes to wear as they worked out. The market was not as competitive in this industry so people had to settle for less. Women ended up just going with the standard active-wear because it was the affordable brand. Don Ressler and his partner Adam noted this gap in the market as much as the demand was very high.

To feel this gap, Don and his partner started Fabletics with the motive of offering a brand that was comfortable, affordable and fashionable for women’s active-wear. Don Ressler worked tirelessly with his partner to build a reputable brand in the market. They worked with the women on the ground to find out what they needed and what would work for them. They did not focus on what other brands were offering. Due to this reason, they managed to come up with a brand that suited the needs of the women. The clothes they offered were fashionable, comfortable, practical and affordable. The fact that many companies offered something that was not unique gave them a chance to shine.

Don Ressler worked closely with the other co-founder Kate Hudson to market their brand uniquely. They wanted to make a mark in the industry and build a reputable brand that the women they targeted would relate with. Kate was confident and friendly, a perfect fit for what this brand stood for. She took over as the spokeswoman of Fabletics. Her work mainly involved communicating with the clients and expanding the market for the company. She was very appealing and her face alone made the brand recognizable because of her active lifestyle. She was well conversant with customer satisfaction and with her love for the media, she created an online presence that was hard to be missed. Since Kate joined Fabletics, she has worked hard to make sure that the brand was well represented and marketed in the industry.

When they began, Don Ressler worked through challenges before he got a breakthrough in the first sportswear that was practical and fashionable. Don Ressler used his vast knowledge to guide his team into fine-tuning his creation into something better in terms of quality and comfort. Fabletics soon stood out in the market. Part of the reasons this happened was the presence that Don had online. Don and Kate also started a system for discounting prices online that clients could sign up for. Fabletics is still working on a further expansion of their brand.