Facebook has entered the world of politics. Politicians have begun to make use of it as a way to share their ideas with constituents, but a new twist has recently taken place in Facebook’s relationship with politics. Facebook has shared stats on how the conversation about Hillary Clinton has both exploded and soured after her recent email fiasco.

Last fall, 57% of the conversations about Hillary on Facebook were positive, which mirrored her 60% approval rating in polls. This January, they were 52% positive against 44% negative as Susan McGalla reported. In February, it was 50% pro-Hillary versus 47% anti-Hillary. These stats were based on about 15 to 20 million Hillary conversations per month.

The daily tally turned majority negative on the last day of February. On March 7th alone, there were 672 million Facebook exchanges concerning Hillary Clinton. 50% of these were negative, and 47% were positive. Most of the buzz about Hillary Clinton has been concerning her email use while Secretary of State and related matters such as her role in the Benghazi scandal, acceptance of foreign donations by the Clinton Foundation while she was in office, etc. The Facebook tide has definitely turned anti-Hillary.

The number of people viewing Clinton favorably has sunk from 60% in 2010 to less than 50% today. Facebook does not give us an exact match to the poll numbers, but the overall indication is startlingly similar.