According to Elite Daily, Fabletics is a fitness apparel brand owned by Kate Hudson, who is a famous actress and entrepreneur. Fabletics is a subsidiary of the brand JustFab. Fabletics is an online subscription retailer. It provides women with personalized outfit choices based on their personal preferences and lifestyle.

It was originally founded and launched in 2013 and since has become a very popular retailer. In addition to its online stores, they have recently opened up a few physical locations such as locations in New Jersey, Cincinnati, and St. Louis. However, the retailer plans to open up several new locations. The current subscription price is $49.95 a month.

Personalized outfits are chosen for customers each month. This type of business model is really unique. It provides customers with really affordable options.

For instance, a first time buyer can often purchase an entire outfit including a top and bottom for roughly $25. After that they will be charged the normal $50 a month for very high quality outfits.

In the end, customers usually end up saving a lot of money this way because athletic wear can be very pricey at times. In addition to this, customers also have the option to skip a month. Overall, Fabletics has a unique business model and offers stylish, comfortable and affordable athletic wear –

The new addition of swimwear just ads to the diversity of their products and with the eventual addition of dresses, Fabletics will be a very diverse brand with an excellent business model that continues to attract new customers.

Fabletics has recently launched a swimwear line. Kate claims that summer is her favorite month and she wanted to be able to provide her customers with beach attire. In addition to their new swimwear line, they will also be coming out with a line of dresses that are comfortable yet stylish.