Eric Lefkofsky: Changing the Fight Against Cancer

Many lives change when a loved one is given a live changing diagnosis. Multiple trips are made to many offices, medicines are prescribed, and treatments are given. Sometimes even all of that isn’t enough and medicines have to be switched out along with getting more tests. That’s what started this journey for Eric Lefkofsky.

When Eric Lefkofsky learned about the diagnosis his wife was given, both lives were turned upside down. Cancer changes the lives of millions of families. All of the treatments, testing, and life changes get exhausting when someone gains that diagnosis. When Eric Lefkofsky started learning what treating cancer was all about, he thought that some form of technology could simplify it a bit.

On a mission, Eric went on to create Tempus. This is a platform that is capable of analyzing data from cancer patients right down to the molecular level. This way they get specific treatment and it will be more effective. Tempus also has a language processor to turn notes into more structured data. The company is also driven by pushing the price for this type of technology and science down so it can be easier to run tests. Running tests and gathering data from many human genes is important to treating and eventually preventing cancer in the future.

Having technology such as Tempus in more offices and clinics will help make patients feel better faster. Trial and error with medicine and treatments will happen less frequently because the technology will be able to help figure out what will work and what wont. Tempus will not only help with cancer but other diseases as well.

Although Eric Lefkofsky has an educational background in law, after dealing with cancer in his own family, he got right into the technology world and successfully managed to make something very useful to many. He has left his home state of Michigan to live in Chicago near the headquarters of Tempus so he can continue working on this very important project that will change the health care field for ever and even help the save the lives of many.


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  1. Lexi Tripp

    April 10, 2018 at 6:40 pm

    One can not fail to acknowledge the fact that technology is the best way of handling things now and almost all sectors has keyed into it. Just like review of has it, I think that there is much possibility of finding a permanent solution to the problem of cancer through the use of technology for cancer researches like he is doing so far.

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