Equities First Holdings (Australia) is a company that provides securities loans to businesses and individuals. They base their loans on risk and how well the stock, bond or treasuries will perform. They are located in Australia where they have three offices in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. In Australia, Equities First Holdings is growing more and more each day and this has caused them to relocate one of their offices. Their new space is still in Melbourne but they have moved to a bigger building to accommodate the continuous growth of the company. One of the main goals behind this move is a make Equities First Holdings more accessible to their growing clientele and hopefully, bring in more clients. Since the company is growing rapidly, this new space is also there to help give more space to Equities First Holdings growing number of employees. Equities First Holdings believes this move will increase productivity with their company.

Contact Equities First Holdings: www.indeed.com/cmp/Equities-First-Holdings,-LLC-1