At age 33, Conor Lamb already has a career of considerable accomplishment to bolster his résumé. The former federal prosecutor in the Pittsburgh U.S. Attorney’s Office made his state a national leader in prosecuting opioid-related cases and driving down the drug-related crime rate.

After earning his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2009, Lamb joined the Marines and served with distinction as a U.S. Marine officer and military attorney.

Now Conor Lamb has won the endorsement of Pennsylvania Democrats to run for the 18th Congressional seat of the key Stone State. He opponent is Republican state lawmaker Rick Saccone.

Early on the race, Lamb found himself heavily outspent by his opponent who is enjoying enormous campaign cash coming from out-of-state sources, including 45Committee, which backs Donald Trump. Saccone has also received $1 million from another conservative group called Ending Spending.

But now Lamb has landed his first national big-ticket backer as well. It’s a political action committee called End Citizens United, a group that was instrumental in the recent defeat of hard-right Trump Republican Roy Moore in the Alabama U.S. Senate race.

End Citizens United took its name from a 2010 Supreme Court decision that came to be known as the Citizens United ruling. The decision unleashed untold billions of dollars of corporate cash into the U.S. election system – it made it easier than ever for multi-national corporations and billionaires to “buy” the candidates of their choice.

The corrupting influence of the Supreme Court decision has been far-reaching. Today, more than ever, average American citizens has been disenfranchised from their own democracy. The Supreme Court established that “corporations are people” and that “money is equal to free speech.” Thus, they can give millions to any candidate they choose.

Democrats like Conor Lamb are running for office on a vow to get big money out of politics and return the power of elections to the people. That’s why End Citizens United is backing Lamb. The central mission of End Citizen’s United is to someday negate the 2010 Supreme Court with an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Before that can happen, Democrats must wrestle back control of Congress, and at the very least, flip the House of Representatives from Republican to Democrat control in the 2018 midterms. The 18th Congressional seat of Pennsylvania is a key race that may add one more seat to End Citizens United goal of taking back the House for Democrats.

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