End Citizens United, a well-known PAC for its fight against grey big money donors in politics, accumulates voice for election campaign reforms in the recent days. The PAC is significantly improving  mass support as many Americans are aware of the imminent threat to their election process and purity of their democracy. Recently, ECU decided to promote the Senate nominee for Alabama, Doug Jones from Democratic Party in the upcoming Dec. 12 special election. Jones clashes with Roy Moore, who is found to be an extremist and showed bigoted and racist agenda in the past. ECU warned that Moore is not representing the views of Alabamians and found to be in favor of the rigged and corrupted system of Washington.

Interestingly, ECU executive President, Tiffany Muller, states the radical agenda of Moore does not have a place in the Senate. She continued that such extreme ideologies are against the values of Alabama as well as the country. Moore has repeatedly failed to address the needs and expectations of Alabamians and paid $1 million to his wife in the past from a charity he controlled. Contrary to that, Jones is known for his integrity and commitment to the dignity of constitution. While he was serving as an attorney, Jones proved that he is a tough prosecutor who stood for speaking and fighting for truth against all the odds. ECU hopes that he would continue his fights against rigging system in the House to ensure fair election process for all Americans.

Tiffany Muller joined with Democratic Representative, Jim McGovern, and explained how vulnerable the election system after the Citizens United verdict in 2010. They say that it is already identified the external forces could intervene the election process of the country by the 2016 Presidential election. The Russia meddling has created a bigger impact in the election, and the investigation team has already found that a Russian troll farm spent $100,000 for a digital ad campaign on Facebook during the election to change it in favor of Donald Trump. Many independent analysts see it as a beginning, and the current campaign finance laws are making the situation more vulnerable. It has also become extremely difficult to trace such interventions and spending considering the weak campaign laws.

It is widely accepted that the loopholes in the system make way for money groups and foreign elements. There are many other examples of similar incidents in the past that revealed the foreign big money donors or corporations are playing with the U.S. election system. End Citizens United is planning to elect a significant number of members for both the Houses to make a constitution amendment for a new, rigid, and highly regulated election finance law to avoid fringe elements. The PAC is also educating the everyday Americans the need for such a constitution amendment through various campaigns, including social media.

For more info: www.opensecrets.org/pacs/lookup2.php?strID=C00573261