End Citizen United is trying to fight against big donors use their funds to affect United State elections. The Supreme Court case, Citizens United v. F.E.C, allowed corporations to have the same legal rights as a person. These donors can donate as much money as they want and don’t have to disclose their identity. On their website, they list the candidates they support and are against. End Citizen United wants to put the power back in the hands of citizens and fights against candidates that support the ruling of Citizens United. They support the candidates, who oppose this ruling. Two of these candidates are Paul Davis and Dean Phillips.

Democrat Paul Davis is fighting to make elections fair and hold the federal government accountable to citizens not just the biggest donors. Davis was born in Kansas and still lives there with his family. He is running for the House of Representative seat in Kansas’ 2nd Congressional District against Lynn Jenkins. Davis has served in House of Representative before and was the head of the house Democrats. Davis is dedicated to fighting against big money in politics. He wants to make sure that Federal Government is working for the interest of all citizens. End Citizens United is endorsing Paul Davis because they believe he can help with their cause to make the government work for every citizen.

Another candidate is Democrat Dean Phillips. Phillips is running for the 3rd Congressional District in Minnesota. He is a successful businessman and pays his employees a wage that they can live on. He believes that allowing special interest to buy elections is a treat to democracy and is causing trouble for the hard working men and women of this great country. He wants the government deals to be more honest and transparent to the citizens that is meant to serve. Philips is proud to be a partner of End Citizens United. He believes together, they can help to get rid of big money in politics and return the power into the hands of citizens. Phillips supports The Disclose act, which would force big money donors to be named. This act would give citizens more insight into the viewpoints of candidates. He supports the Keep Our Campaigns Honest act, which would require FCC to name the donors who make political motivated ads. End Citizens United believes that with the help of these candidates, they can change the way our political system works.

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