Every one of us says “hi, how are you?” at least a few times a day. What we never do, however, is stop to find out what the answer is, and if that person is truly okay. It is a hallmark of emotional intelligence to let others know that you care, and really it should not be all that hard. You should not necessarily have to force yourself to take a genuine interest in another person, but if you do, it is through this process you will create kinship; you will also make friends. Rather than burn bridges with lack of concern, or stay swallowed up in your own space, get outside of yourself once in a while, and take an interest in what is going on with someone else.

The other important takeaway in this clever article from VTA Publications is that no one, when given the choice, will ever do something if they don’t want to. The trick then is to get others to want to help you. It is not easy to accomplish this task, but to have this come to pass, one must phrase what they want others to do so that it seems as if it is something they want to do. For example, if you stop and talk with others, you will find opportunities for them to do what they want, while fashioning your request to get something done as if it was part of their plan, and something they want to do. In a very basic way, if you want something mailed, and an employee wants to go out and get lunch, you can give them the mail to drop at the post office while they are out. Clearly this is a basic example, but the fact remains all that person wanted to do was get lunch, and you were able to make them think that they wanted to go to the post office as well. You would not have known they were going out for lunch if you did not take time to talk to others.

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