Electronic Voting Machines in Two States Vote Democrat Due to Error

Less than two weeks before the 2014 elections, an alleged “calibration issue” with electronic voting machines has been reported in both Maryland and Chicago. The issue causes the machine to switch a vote from one candidate to the opposing candidate.

Two voters in Queen Anne County, Maryland, reported the the machines switched their votes from Republican to Democrat. One of the voters who reported an issue is the county’s sheriff, Gary Hoffman, who is a Republican. There were also two reports of the same problem in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. In that county, the machine in question was a Diebold touchscreen voting machine.

Donna Hamilton, the Frederick, Maryland, voter who experienced a problem with the electronic voting machine, stated that she reported the issue to officials but added that she was unsure what if any actions were taken to correct the issue and warned that other voters may inadvertently vote for the wrong candidate if the problem is not fixed before election day. The other voter, Fersen Lambranho, was having issues with the machine not accepting his dual citizenship.

In Illinois, Jim Moynihan, who is running for state representative as a Republican, nearly accidentally voted for his opponent after a machine changed his vote from Republican to Democrat. He reported that the same problem occured in other races in which he was voting.

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  1. Greg Brownfield

    December 30, 2016 at 12:43 pm

    After alerting officials to the problem at his polling place, the Schaumberg Public Library, he was eventually allowed to cast a ballot for himself and other Republican candidates. That alone could have made writing superior papers enough for these ones to come after them and make sure all things are on deck.

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