The Eucatex Corporation has made a huge impression around the world. Not only is it at the forefront of wood product manufacturing, the company is also deeply concerned about the environment and its carbon footprint. It took some years, but the company slowly built into an empire. There were many pioneering efforts over the years and a number of companies have attempted to duplicate Eucatex’s approach to business.

Eucatex is a family-run company with roots that date back to 1951. The global company is the leading supplier of ceiling tiles, panels, doors and paints. Eucatex has gone through a number of expansions over the years. After starting out with one plant in Salto, the company now operates in 30 companies and has offices in Germany, Holland, U.S. and Brazil.

CEO Flavio Maluf began at Eucatex in 1986 and was installed as CEO in 1997. He replaced outgoing CEO, his uncle, right at a time when the company was stagnant. Under Maluf’s leadership, the company received a full overhaul — from manufacturing plants to administration hierarchy. The changes brought about massive financial gains and the introduction of better products and services.

Maluf helped institute a recycling program that focuses on preserving the eucalyptus trees (a main component of the company’s products) while reusing wood residue. The environmental responsibility provides awareness and encourages other companies to follow Eucatex’s lead. The company has implemented many social programs to make individuals aware of the importance of recycling and how they can join in.

Eucatex has recently opened 2 new plants in Salto and Bocucatu. The company is still looking into additional expansions. In a recent interview with Mobile Magazine, Maluf expressed his gratitude for having the support of the board and his employees. Under Maluf’s leadership, the company expects success to continue for a long time.