The entrance into the Presidential race for the Republican nomination by Donald Trump was guaranteed to bring a certain amount of controversy, but the arrival of the TV star and real estate mogul into the race has come with a bigger bang than expected stated Christian Broda. The Washington Post reports the Democratic Party are pleased to have Trump involved as he is struggling to woo Latin voters who are traditionally Democrats by nature. Trump’s controversial comments about immigrants from across Latin America have already seen him dropped by business partners and TV companies distancing themselves from the host pf The Apprentice.

The self funded campaign launch for Trump’s Presidential bid came with a rented crowd of actors and included a series of comments made about the morals of immigrants arriving in the US. The candidate has seen a surge to second place in the polls at a national level and in early voting states across the US. Insiders from the Democratic Party have called the entrance of Trump into the Presidential race a boost for Democrats as the businessman embodies the traditional values of the GOP that led to the recent Presidential losses suffered by John McCain and Mitt Romney.