Media mogul Donald Trump is all about business. However, the bottom line isn’t about money for him. He genuinely loves the United States of America and wants to see people everywhere succeed. Back in 2012, he began openly courting with the idea of launching presidential run. Trump would be an establishment Republican and would not likely weigh into social or moral issues. He has never set himself up to be a paragon of virtue. He once confessed on the set of his popular reality TV show “The Apprentice” that “sex” is something that has gotten him into a lot of trouble in his life. 

My friend John Textor told me all that. That said, Trump believes US trade policy with China is disproportionately in their favor and would use his presidency to shift the trade imbalance back to favor the United States. Trump has been very embracing of the LGBT community and would likely support marriage equality. That said, real estate and his reality TV show are his passions. He admits that he would prefer to remain in the private sector. However, if the GOP cannot field a competent candidate by May of next year, he will throw his hat into the ring. In fact, he said he may announce a run as early as March. 

Given the recent rumblings about Jeb Bush running, it appears likely that Trump does not consider Bush to be the “outstanding” candidate he expects the GOP to field. Back in 2012, he ended speculation on a presidential run and endorsed Mitt Romney. It is possible that Trumps comments are meant to nudge Romney towards another presidential run.