When walking into Wal-Mart store, the food section ranges from the animal version of junk food to classic gourmet-style foods. Some brands claim that their blends will be the ones to make a dog the healthiest, others claim that theirs will make them the happiest. Where has this sudden surge of new and improved dog food brands come from and why are they getting more sophisticated? It is almost unbelievable how some of these foods actually smell close to human food, some even look like it. The true question is, which of these foods will really make a tail-wigging best friend love their owners even more?
There is an on-going competition related to dog food. There has been a sudden surge in sales of premium dog foods that offer a healthier alternative which may include whole grains, organic fruits and vegetables, and different types of meat like lamb or pork. According to The Daily Herald’s article Premium Dog Food Sales Surge With New Innovations in Healthy Food, “…Traditional pet-food makers are stepping up their marketing game in the face of competition from upstarts like Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Co. as the healthy and fresh movement transitions from human to pet victuals.” The article also mentions brands that make foods that look like human’s like lasagna, beef stroganoff, and burgers.

There are so many options, a great example is PurinaStore’s brand of dog food which focuses on the quality and benefits of their products. As they state on their site, “Our sophisticated tracking system ensures raw ingredients are tracked..” They make sure that their products are following their set standards and they offer a wide variety of products from wet food, dry food, and dog treats.

Beneful‘s unique high quality foods come in a variety of different flavors. The owners can choose foods which include, meat, poultry or fish, as well as different types of grains and vegetables. These foods are full of the nutrition dogs need and they may include antioxidants, and be omega-enriched, calcium-enriched, and even lower calorie to suit the pet’s need.

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