Minnesota is a state full of beautiful churches. This includes Catholic, Episcopalian and Orthodox houses of worship. The Cathedral of St. Paul holds the third position in the largest churches in the US. The Roman Catholic cathedral stands on Summit Hill commanding a spectacular view of downtown St. Paul.

The church was built early in the 20th century. It draws inspiration from the French Renaissance in a neoclassic theme. The conspicuous center dome rises to 186 feet, and the inside is over forty thousand square feet.

Another beautiful landmark in Minneapolis is the Basilica of St. Mary. The first basilica in the US is also the most beautiful house of worship in Minneapolis. It features Baroque style grandeur and splendor. The church is elaborately detailed. It shares the same designer with the Cathedral of St. Paul.

It features a domed ceiling directly above the altar, stained-glass windows, and an innate choir section. It is home to the Basilica Block Party, an annual music festival to raise funds for the church and local charities.

The Church of St. Mary is the highlight in Melrose. It features a classic look on the outside and an ethereal, contemporary feel on the inside. Two steeples rise on each side of the Romanesque building. A sky-blue ceiling complete with stars makes you feel like you’re looking up at the real sky.

The Mighty Fortress Church was founded by the President and Senior Pastor at the church, Bishop Thomas Williams. The church adopts a contemporary Christian approach to ministry. It has a strong focus on the Bible, family as well as the local community.

The church targets people who want to grow in the Christian faith with messages aligned to the modern lifestyle. It encourages members to enjoy their church experiences away from strict rituals. The Mighty Fortress Church presents practical teachings that empower members to enjoy victorious Christian lives. It boasts a welcoming atmosphere to encounter God’s presence. Additionally, the church prides itself in providing honest answers to the hardest difficulties in life.

Bishop Thomas Williams graduated from North Central University and obtained a master’s degree from Bethel University. He also holds two Honorary Doctorates from Midwest Christian College and St. Thomas College.

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