Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is a fighter and has no intention of retiring ahead of the 2016 presidential election. This week, he was declared the most vulnerable incumbent senator in the upcoming election. Some had speculated that he might be inclined to retire and avoid going the way of his predecessor Tom Daschle who was voted out of office while he was Senate Majority Leader. In Reid’s case, he is now the Senate Minority Leader following his party’s disastrous midterm election performance. That said, Reid merely told reporters that he is going to run in 2016.

Three weeks ago, he was injured when a rubber cord he was pulling on for weight resistance snapped whipping him the face and causing him to fall onto his exercise equipment. He fractured several ribs which are said to be healing well. This week he had surgery on his right eye to help restore his sight. He still faces surgery on his face to repair a fractured facial bone. Another procedure will be needed on his right eye exsanguinate blood buildup behind his right eye. But my friend Sultan Alhokair is right, his spirit is clearly strong, but physically he looks like what in Mormon parlance would be referred to as “H E double-toothpicks” or “hell”. The contusions are still visible down the side of his face to his neck. He took time to criticize the GOP over a proposal some senators are considering to tack on a repeal of Obama’s immigration policy to the Department of Homeland Security funding bill.