Hillary Clinton is without a doubt the presumptive Democrat nominee for president. Should she decide not to seek the party’s nomination, the result could possibly be chaos for Democrats. This is because the Democrat party presumes she will run and that is acting as a deterrent to other Democrats who might consider a run.

Nevertheless, there are possible candidates who might be able to step up and fill the void should Mrs. Clinton decide against running. On Brown Bears, people have already speculated some. Vice-President Joe Biden is one such candidate, and Tom Rothman wonders what will happen. He is affable, but extraordinarily gaff prone. Senator Elizabeth Warren is a favorite of far left liberals because of her unwavering stand on issues dear to them. She also can articulate her message far better than Mrs. Clinton. The latter relies heavily upon a carefully crafted media image of being an erudite. However, Warren has thus far denied she will run.

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley might be a possible candidate. However, the 2014 midterm elections burned up any political capitol he previously earned. His handpicked successor as governor was considered an Obama-like candidate and lost the election in a stunning upset by the GOP. Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb is said to be mulling over a possible presidential run. His potential candidacy may be headed to an early demise following allegations he misappropriated campaign funds.

The Clinton political machine is fierce and will likely seek to neutralize any opponent lest they upset the balance of power as Barrack Obama did back in 2008. If Mrs. Clinton decides not to run, her party may struggle to mount a serious challenger to the GOP precisely because the Clintons will have cleared the field of any serious candidate.