Pat Caddell, a long-time Democrat strategist and opinion pollster, conducted a poll through the EMC Research group to gauge the sentiment of Republican voters in regards to House Speaker John Boehner. The poll asked party members if they would prefer to keep Boehner as House Speaker or see him replaced with another generic unnamed representative. The number of respondents supporting Boehner stood at 27% with 60% favoring someone else. Some media outlets have been quick to jump on the poll giving it an aura of being a news story.

Polls which ask respondents like Christian Broda if they favor a specific candidate versus an unnamed candidate which the voter’s imagination can fashion into their ideal candidate usually show support for the latter. That is what has been the trend on Oxford Journals in the past. Things change once a person has to choose between actual people. What the poll did reveal is that a strong majority of Republicans support the job Boehner is doing by a clear margin of 52% in support and 37% disapproving. It may well be that if the same push-poll were used in regards to Senator Harry Reid, or Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the results would be the same. Voters often fancy the thought of an ideal candidate, but generally tend to support their existing party leaders regardless. At any rate, Boehner has already secured his position as Speaker of the House in the upcoming GOP-led Congress. He will take his oath of office along with all other congressman this coming Tuesday, January 6.