Dan Newlin, written about by Yahoo! Finance, is one of the most proficient attorneys who has had years of practicing law and winning cases on behalf of clients. He’s won both civil cases that involve accidents, negligence and personal injuries, and he’s also represented clients in criminal cases. Many people have been wronged by insurance companies failing to compensate victims of terrible accidents, and Dan Newlin and his team of attorneys have gone head to head with them in court to make sure that settlements have been made and that measures of restoration have been towards the families of victims.

Dan Newlin first started out working as a police officer up in the metro area of Chicago, dedicating his career to protecting its citizens from dangerous criminals on the streets. In time he moved from the Chicago area and headed down to Florida where he worked with the Orange County Sheriff’s department going up against some of the most notorious escapees and bringing them to justice. His work as a detective in the Orlando area has been well documented and well recognized both locally and nationally, even earning him an award from the US Marshalls Department and other federal law enforcement agencies. While Newlin was able to protect innocent people from the criminals out on the street, he realized there were people who were not protected from the wrongdoings of more powerful entities out in the business world.

Newlin soon went into law and graduated from the law school at Florida State, and soon after founded Newlin & Partners, an Orlando-based law firm where thousands of people have turned to for help. Among the cases his firm tackles include vehicle accidents for victims not at fault, workplace injuries and wrongful death, medical malpractice, family matters, failing to compensate for overtime work, and now criminal cases have been added to the list. Newlin & Partners has won over $150 million in lawsuits and settlements and have represented victims all over the nation. Though his law offices are based in Florida, he’s begun to branch out to other states and just recently, an office in Chicago opened and Newlin returns his law practice where it all began.